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ROI of Engagement

September 14, 2023

What is an organization’s financial impact from increased employee engagement? ROI of Engagement is a concrete compilation of current scientific studies showing the connections between increased employee engagement and the organization’s financial gains. A case study concludes the guide, demonstrating the economic effects of a retail store with an increase in employee engagement.

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Tips & ideas, Employee experience, Neuroscience

Successfully leveraging the new—yet old—law of talent attraction and retention

August 30, 2023

Developing an organizational culture where people perceive they can perform and have well-being is essential for organizations to attract and retain relevant talent. A central component of such a culture is social belonging. While the formula for success is known, a lack of neuroscience understanding often steers organizations in different directions, making the feeling of social belonging more challenging to maintain.

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The future of employee surveys

May 29, 2023

Johannes Midtbö, you founded Populum, a People & Culture Experience platform, in 2015. Populum has grown strongly by radically changing how organizations involve their employees and leaders in continuous improvement work.

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Tips & ideas, Employee experience

Measure your organizational culture transparently to unlock its competitive advantage

May 28, 2023

Organizational culture is a well-discussed topic for its potential to make or break execution. Developing the culture is a journey that needs continuous nurturing. The bigger the organization grows, the more challenging it is to ensure you cultivate the culture appropriately to support the strategy into execution.

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Build a sustainable culture

May 26, 2023

Flexibility, diversity, and effectively solving advanced problems play an increasingly important role in the success of organizations. Teams must complement each other with their different perspectives and competencies. At the same time, organizations face continuous change both internally and externally. With today's challenges, how do you build scalable and long-term success?

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Tips & ideas, Employee experience

Ensure your managers have a healthy work environment

May 4, 2023

Managers are today often burdened with a lot of administrative work that deprives them of spending enough time on their team members’ well-being, operational support, and goal achievement. At the same time, pressure from above is often high. Managers are expected to present results, develop the team members, and keep happiness and well-being high, often while both delivering on today’s offering and helping to innovate tomorrow’s. Several reasons contribute to why managers today feel stressed, and the mental pressures of leadership are too often not dealt with until it is too late.

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Tips & ideas, Employee experience

Leverage your modern employee survey to win in the war for talent

April 4, 2023

Today, the younger generations push for a different work environment. While a desire for change existed before Covid-19, the pandemic brought a rapid work environment transformation and a record-high number of people who left their jobs. Though a natural development, the new employee expectations bring challenges and demand organizations to change to attract and retain talent. In the evolved war for talent, a key is understanding and improving the employee experience to ensure the new work environment dynamically supports well-being and performance.

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News recruits Jonas Olovsson as Chief Revenue Officer to accelerate growth

March 10, 2023

Stockholm, March 10th, 2023 – Populum, a Nordic leader in employee surveys, has recruited Jonas Olovsson, former Head of Sales at &frankly. As of March 27th, Jonas Olovsson will assume the newly established Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) role at Populum.

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Tips & ideas, Employee experience

Improve your eNPS and strengthen your employer brand

January 31, 2023

Attracting and retaining talent is a critical workforce issue today. When talent evaluates future employers, they place great importance on the employer brand. It is also proven that employer branding has a positive effect on retention. To get an indication of their employer brand strength, organizations can use the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) metric.

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News sponsors the Swedish Championship in Employer Branding

January 26, 2023

Stockholm, January 26, 2023 – Populum, a Nordic leader in employee surveys, sponsors the Magnet Awards Swedish Championship in Employer Branding. Each year, the Magnet Awards organizes the competition where employers' best projects that strengthen the employer brand are evaluated and awarded. Populum sponsors the contest, specifically the Culture & Engagement category, this year.

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News strengthens and focuses leadership team with key recruitment

January 17, 2023

Stockholm, January 17th, 2023 – Populum, a Nordic leader in employee surveys, has recruited Johan Geiding from Dustin Group to join its executive team. As of January 17th, 2023, Johan Geiding assumes the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Deputy CEO of Populum.

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News celebrates 100,000 users by donating SEK 100,000 to Vi-skogen

December 16, 2022

Stockholm, December 16th, 2022 – To celebrate 100,000 users in the platform, Populum, a Nordic player in HR tech and employee surveys, donates SEK 100,000 to Vi-skogen. The donation means 4,000 trees are planted through Vi-skogen, helping people in East Africa overcome poverty and improve the environment. Last year, Vi-skogen's work contributed, among other things, to farming families increasing their income by 17%; reducing 120,000 tons of greenhouse gases; giving 51,928 people access to financial services; and enabling 46,116 farming families to use sustainable farming methods.

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Tips & ideas

Do you know that you work with inclusion in the right way?

October 9, 2022

Inclusion is critical for every team to reach its full potential. Teams that succeed in increasing the sense of inclusion have been shown to generate a perceived improvement in team performance, the quality of their decisions, and their collaborations. Inclusion is also central to retention.

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Tips & ideas, Employee experience

9 Drivers of Engagement

September 20, 2022

How can your organization build and grow engagement and give your teams the best environment to succeed? 9 Drivers of Engagement gives you tips. The starting point is the latest neuroscience research, 20th-century classic management theories, and analysis of two million anonymized answers in the Populum app since 2016.

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Tips & ideas, Employee experience

4 strategic applications of AI-based comment analytics

September 7, 2022

Organizations often encourage their employees to write free text comments in employee surveys. These comments can prove a gold mine as they provide the manager with context to the measurement result and encourage and facilitate the critical team dialogue. There is also great value for the employer to communicate their expectation that employees participate, reflect, and share constructive improvement suggestions and engage in the change process.

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November 15, 2021 | Johannes Midtbö 

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Ambea's Teambarometer: For an active workforce

Ambea's most important resource is its employees. Employee engagement and participation are crucial for employee and workplace well-being and the organization's results.

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A tool for the manager and the work environment

A large part of the work of trade unions and safety representatives is about understanding how each employee experiences their workplace and creating improvements. 

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