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Ambea's Teambarometer - For an Active Workforce

Ambea's most important resource is its employees. Employee engagement and participation are crucial for employee and workplace well-being and the organization's results. To know their current employee experience, they use their Teambarometer every six weeks.


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Populum Partners with CatalystOne to Offer Customers a Modern Employee Survey

Populum, a Nordic leader in employee experience insights, and CatalystOne, an HCM systems provider, have entered a partnership where Populum powers the Employee Listening module in CatalystOne’s human capital management solution.


Blog_SJs journey from a traditional to modern employee survey

SJ’s Journey From a Traditional to a Modern Employee Survey

"We had emphasized working annually with action planning, which does not feel relevant anymore. Things are moving so fast now; our development changes so quickly that we need to work with small steps instead."

- Henrik Månsson, Head of HR Strategy at SJ



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